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“A strategy delineates a territory in which a company seeks to be unique.” Michael Porter

Who we are

ProDeal Finance is a start-up specialising in Credit Control services to the French market – business to business (B2B). It comes from the experience of its partners allied to the needs of the French market to reduce the waiting time for the payment of invoices as well as the decrease of overdue debtor’s amount.

Over the years, we have come to realize the importance of a professional service that tracks payments and ensures forecasting that will be useful for the treasury management and business management. To Professionalise this service, it would result in an increase of cash receipts, decrease of the waiting time until the payment of the invoices, strengthening financial management and allowing more time and stability for internal management.

We understand the importance to offer an excellent service at a competitive price and we believe that Portugal has the resources necessary to meet these indicators. Technology coupled with specialized employees supported with language skills, makes Portugal an interesting country with a lot of potential to explore.

Our mission:

Reduction of overdue amount
Decrease in waiting time until receipt of payment

More time and stability on internal management

The route behind…

I was born in France where I lived and studied. I then moved to Portugal where I finished my College Degree in Business Management.

In 2009, I joined a US multinational company working in the Accounts Receivable (AR) department for the French market. Later, I joined another multinational company switching to the Accounts Payable department, here I could see the other side of the cash collection and understand it better.

In 2015, I chose to go to Ireland joining an Irish company, starting a migration of their Credit Control services from France to Ireland. In 2017, I joined another company in Ireland to work as a Credit Controller for the same market.

As a result of these experiences, I gained huge expertise in many different aspects of AR activities specializing in one of the biggest markets in Europe – understanding the needs, the requirements and gaining knowledge in various avenues on how to improve results.

I have decided now, to put in practice that expertise gained in order to help companies.

My team and I are working to integrate these skills to help our clients, from no matter nationality, to get better results for the French market.

Eric Castro – Senior Credit Controller