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The Problem – Late Payments in France (B2B)

Source: European Payment Report 2017 – Intrum Justitia

Studies show that in 2017, there has been an improvement regarding payments by the French companies.
But it is important to analyse what has caused this.

According to the Intrum Justitia report’s, we can note that there has been an:

  • Improvement on the financial situation of French companies
  • Increase of companies who doesn’t pay voluntarily
  • Increase of companies that pay late due to inefficient administrative services
  • Many companies pay late due to existing disputes

Summing Up:

The decrease of late payment is due to the fact that the financial situation is improving.

The conclusion is simple, companies with more cash Inflow are able to pay on time.

But is this the ideal scenario?

ProDeal Finance focuses mainly on the less obvious issues, as we believe there is space for improvement regardless of the increased liquidity.

The Solution / The DEAL

The SOLUTION / DEAL we offer is very clear and simple. It will allow significant results that we have had the opportunity to prove over the last years.

We offer a Credit Control service for companies who are selling into and dealing with the French market (B2B) using our Experience, Technology and Anticipation:


Since 2009, we have been working in the French market with different multinational companies and we realize that France is a big market with big challenges. Therefore, having the right approach is required to get better results.


Why have so much information available if we don’t know how to organize and use that?

We have been drawing up a specialized software to help us on credit control. With that software, we will be able to organize your debts, input the right information and output the right conclusions. We quantify your invoice issues, forecasting and bad debt.


Once actions are taking place and information organized, we will have the final results who will give us accurate information to anticipate:

  • Overdue amount Improvement

  • Disputes

  • Credit Management


We are replying to the most asked questions. We want our customers well informed about what we do:

It’s a role who has the responsibility to control the credits that a company (creditor) gives to his clients (debtor) by means of a sale with a payment term agreed.

What are our main tasks in credit control?

Cash Collection – Liaising with the customer for the collection of payments and gather information in relation to payment dates.
Dispute Coordination – Dealing with any issues which may arise in relation to an invoice (price, quantity/quality) and coordinate it out helping to find a solution and unblock the debtor payment.
Credit Management – Translate the feedback got from the debtor advising the creditor regarding the orders and the credit limit.

Companies can survive without a credit control service but are they taking care of their business properly?

Selling is very important for a Company but if the creditor doesn’t get paid? What is happening next?

We are a company highly specialized in this service for this market. We have amassed expertise in this sector working at multinational companies, using different software, different techniques, different languages and different tools to reach our goals.

The cash collection approach is very important to get positive results. An incorrect approach or an unsolved dispute can break a relationship with a customer.

We know how to deal with the French market.

We offer more than Cash Collection services. We always keep in mind that the payment is very important but before to get that we have to understand why debtor is not paying on time. Has he administrative issues? Is he happy with the products/services provided? Was he delivered on time?

Understanding debtor issues will allow us to help him to pay (dispute coordination) and to help our customer to get paid and to improve his service.

How can ProDeal Finance strengthen my Company?

Let’s see how Order to Cash process works:

No matter if companies are selling products or services, everything starts at first by an order and once the delivery is done, an invoice will be issued.

That invoice has a payment term agreed. Normally, we presume that the customer will pay before the due date, but we know that sometimes things aren’t so simple.

We take care of customer accounts you choose by a Deal agreed. We will start working from invoices issued until the payment received.


Late payments are more usual than before and the media is advertising now highlighting this:

“Britain’s Late Payments Scourge Damages SMEs” – Source:

“Late payment is the silent killer of modern business and it’s getting worse” – Source: CTMfile

“These companies are the worst at paying their bills on time” – Source: Quartz Media

“Britain’s Late Payments Scourge Damages SMEs” – Source:

“Late payment is the silent killer of modern business and it’s getting worse” – Source: CTMfile

“These companies are the worst at paying their bills on time” – Source: Quartz Media

Are they specialized for the French market approach? There is a big difference between credit control team with French speakers and credit control experts for the French market.

We can work together, with your credit control team taking care of some French customer accounts for a period of time. Or, we can take care of the most challenging accounts. We are here to help.

Which are the results after ProDeal Finance action?

A clear picture of your customers debts and a ProDeal Finance consultation team ready to act in your favour to:



  • Overdue global amount
  • Debtor Late Payments
  • Avoid Bad Debt
  • Cash Inflows
  • Company’s Financial Health
  • Customer-Supplier Relationship
  • More time and stability to your departments and teams


  • Overdue global amount
  • Debtor Late Payments
  • Avoid Bad Debt


  • Cash Inflows
  • Company’s Financial Health
  • Customer-Supplier Relationship
  • More time and stability to your departments and teams

A new Approach to your Business.

It´s a different view of a big problem, a different way to proceed, a new partner relationship to help you to thrive internally.

We are consultants who use our specialized knowledge and the right tools to help you to be stronger. You will deal with only one ProDeal Finance consultant to manage your customer accounts.

“The markets are no longer territorial”

We offer a service that embraces several markets. Our main focus is the French market (French companies or other countries that work with the French market). But also, equally embracing all those markets where we speak the language for which we have experience:

  • French (France, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, …)

  • Portuguese (Portugal, Brasil, …)

  • English (USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, …)

  • Spanish (Spain, South America, …)

  • German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, …)

… among others …

We invite all companies regardless of their nationality, who work or plan to work with markets for which the above languages are essential.

Contact us, We Can Help.


Let’s say the company, John Pharmaceutical, produces drugs in Ireland and exports to France.

John Pharmaceutical has a French Cash Collection team in Ireland, but the complexity of the market causes several problems and it becomes difficult to manage the team reflecting on the results.

The performance of the team is not bad, but there is the idea that it is possible to improve.

We can help you.

We will put into practice all our knowledge and experience to unlock all situations in order to obtain the payment and manage this client, so that the collection of their payments will never be a problem again.

We are solving your problem, so you can concentrate on your production, or finding strategies to reach your goals – We will deal with the cash receipt.

Sell without worrying about receiving